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Date Posted: September 17th, 2017, 4:19 pm
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I know I said I'd post soon, but life got in the way T^T
Anyway, this is DewHeart!


Pretty kitty
Yeah, she is :3 she's medicine cat tho, so NO SHIPPING! XD

She's a pretty pretty kitty
England is my city
Imma pass it to Littlepaw
'Cause you know he stay Litty
Ooh, I like Dewheart's design!
ooooo, pretty kitty. Dewheart reminds me of an oc of my own named Blackheart. She has a similar dot pattern but is white with black dots instead of block with white dots, she also has a black heart on her chest, hence the name. I'll get you a pic of her as soon as I find it in my many other warrior cat ocs.
Wow, thanks guys XD I do love her design- here's a fun fact! DewHeart is actually NightKit's big sis, hence the resemblance:3
sweet @JustALoafOfCream: thats fine! im a teen and homework is so hard to do it at the same time.

also have u heard a Studio c?

(ps: loved T^T super creative!)

have u seen this one?

* * =oopsie
@warriorcatsGeek!: never heard of either, but feel free to inform me ^^